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Thread: Flash to browers inconsistent!!!

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    Flash to browers inconsistent!!!

    I have a website that loads three external swfs into one main swf in a carousel, I need them to stay in a certain order. The problem is when I publish it in flash it will look and work one way, but when I upload it to IE the order of the carousel is screwed up and then opened in firefox its different than the other two! or it will look one way when you first open the page, refresh it, and it's in a different order!! I've read about cache problems and have it not save in the cache but then it would have to do the preloader every time and we don't want that to happen. Any suggestions would REALLY help!

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    It sounds like you have a race condition, and the swfs are being added in the order they complete loading, which will be pseudo-random.

    You could wait until all are loaded to place them, or you could place the loaders themselves rather than their contents.

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