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Thread: Flash Player 9 and actionscript 2.0

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    Flash Player 9 and actionscript 2.0


    What's the difference between actionscript 2.0 in Flash Player 9 and actionscript 2.0 in Flash Player 8

    I've written a project in as2 fp9 and certain things don't work when exporting as fp8

    I'm not using as3


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    can you give an example? I didnt think it should matter? but I dont have CS3..so I cant be sure...

    so some examples may help..

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    I'm not sure what part of it is the problem, it's a complicated file. Just wondered what the difference is...

    Surely, if i'm using as2 then the player version shouldn't matter?

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    You can use AS2 with a Flash 9 project. Adobe even made a button to create a Flash 9 AS2 document...

    There shouldn't be any difference at all, AS2 didn't change between Flash 8 and 9 (AFAIK). It should work the same.

    What is the problem? When you export as a Flash 9 .swf it doesn't work? Or when you export as Flash 8 and try it in Flash Player 9 it doesn't work?

    You're being way too vague to help at the moment.

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    It's a problem with removing movieClips. The same script works when exported as flash player 9 but not as flash player 8

    I am trying removeMovieClip on mc's that are at 2000000 or thereabouts. But I just realised the maximum range for depths is -16384 to 1048575 and in the flash documentation it says removeMovieClip() will have no affect on clips outside this range

    Does that mean flash player 9 exceeds this?

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    here is an example

    you can experiment with the publish settings between flash 8 and 9
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