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Thread: Maximum preview framerate of 30fps in CS4?

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    Maximum preview framerate of 30fps in CS4?

    Does anyone have the same problem as I do?

    The preview (pressing ENTER in Flash IDE) in CS4 seems to have a maximum framerate limit, which is only 30fps.
    I usually work with 60fps in CS3 (for gameplay smoothness). In CS4 the preview just cannot reach such rate. Instead, for no matter what framerate higher than 30fps, the preview just plays in 30fps. Although the test movie called up by pressing CTRL+ENTER does play in the exact framerate I selected, I think it's kind of inconvenient being unable to simply press ENTER to preview my animation right away during authoring time.

    The same problem occurs on both my PC and notebook.
    PLEASE tell me I'm not the only one suffering this problem

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    Apparently CS4 is a lot slower, and the preview in the IDE goes out of sync more than previous versions. So you're stuck with testing the movie to see how it will look in the player.

    60 fps is very high for Flash, for a lot of people when playing a game in a browser it'll never reach that frame rate, especially if they have lots of tabs open or on a slower machine. Flash Player on the Mac never seems to go above 30fps in the browser anyway.

    You've seen this thread, right?

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