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Thread: How to trap an FLV Playback error

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    Exclamation How to trap an FLV Playback error

    I have searched thins forum, and have been looking all over the web to locate a solution that works... so, now I am posting a "Please Help" message:

    Here is the problem. I am streaming video using the FLV Playback component in Action Script 3 using Flash CS4. On the server, I have a video file named Video1.f4v. When I upload a new video file to the server with the same name using the Flash Media Encoder, it removes the current video file on the server as it uploads.

    Now, since my video player is currently streaming video on a loop, when it finishes the loop and tries to replay the video (I force the video to reload each time), it of course, just sits there with a blank screen.

    I know what is happening, it is throwing an invalid source error... because the file does not exist.

    I have been trying to figure out how to catch this error. I have used the Try...Catch error handler, and that does not work using the VideoError class. I trace the Catch portion, and it never catches any errors.

    All I want to do is, when the video is being updated, simply have the player play a video that tells people that it is updating... but without being able to catch this error... I cant.

    Now, I do not know if I can use a State change event... because the documentation for CS3 is so poorly written that it makes it almost impossible to find actual examples for the FLV Playback component and error handling.

    So, any suggestions will be appreciated... because, what I thought would be a simple problem has turned into something else because I figured the normal ways to catch an error would work, so I must be overlooking something.

    Thank you
    Ronnie Shaw

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    When that happened to me, I had accidentally stacked a second FLVPlayback component on top of the original. Try deleting the player on the frame that throws that error, and dragging a new one to the stage.

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