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Thread: Swift 3d, swift 3d lw, swift 3d express

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    Unhappy Swift 3d, swift 3d lw, swift 3d express

    I have a project where I want to import a .png file that has a tyransparent background and make it 3d in swift can any of the swift versions do that above.

    If not then all I would really need is Swift 3d without the lw or express right?

    My project basically is a step by step process of putting together a desk, and it needs to rotate in 3d to show the pieces slide in the correct area. Any help would be thankfull in what the best approach would be I have flash cs4 hoping that the 3d option would actually really be 3d its not. Thanks for your help.

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    I'm not sure if I'm following your question, but allow me a moment to explain how you'd normally use Swift3D in any of its iterations.

    If you have a point of reference, such a picture (*.png) or a vector file that's going to be used to be extruded, say like the letter "A" and you want to make that 3D, you will need a *.ai file - preferably an Adobe Illustrator legacy *.ai file, say version 8.0 - my personal favorite.

    In the case of the *.png, you will use the image as merely a point of reference and have to remake that image into a 3D object. *.png's don't have 3D information, nor can you extrude them into a 3D object.

    If it's a *.ai file, you can extrude it, thus giving the object depth and animate it.

    If it's something complex, like a *.png with a face on it, you will have to use the 3D modeling tools to reproduce that face.

    I hope that helps on the normal workflow; however I know that doesn't answer your question directly. So with that, it would help if you were more specific.

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    That helps a lot thank you. So basically your saying I would have to re-create the pieces of the desk in Flash. And animate it with Swift 3d so I dont need Swifts plugins or Swift Express at all.

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    i think what Gerbick means is u have to import the .png to Swift3D and construct the 3D table based on that .png file.

    then U can animate your table in Swift3d and render the animation to a .swf file.
    and use it in flash.

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