I'm sorry about being unclear. Here's the development scenario I'd like to use with KM:
  1. Use KM to create and or just add components to the library.
  2. Use an external .as file as the main file, not using the built-in script editor at all (though it does have some very nice features). The exceptions would be adding stop() commands on some frames of MovieClips in the library.
  3. Use KM to compile the .swf file.

I'm sure I've read some guidelines for doing this, but I just couldn't find them searching the forum. Is it just a matter of naming the .as file with the same stem as the .fun file and keeping them in the same directory? To be honest, I haven't done much playing with this scenario: I've been copying my external file contents into .fun file and removing access modifiers and package statements.

I'm sorry if I'm asking for an explanation that's been hashed out previously. Please just point me to the thread, if that's the case.

Thanks for the great support!