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    How do i manage it, in AS3, and without using the time line, to let a number of sprites appear on the stage (position defined) and different time frames? So that, in the end, when u play the clip, e.g. over 2 seconds twenty sprites appear on the stage, each in a predefined position? And all in AS3?

    Ty in advance, TWERP

    I forgot the damn title, im sry. Should have been "[as3] letting a number of sprites appear on the stage over a period of time"

    If a mod finds this, feel free to edit.

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    Your best bet would be to create a function that creates a sprite on the stage in the position you want. Next you could either use a timer, or perhaps even a delay function in a tweening package like Tweenlite or Caurina to access that function.
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    It'd be pretty easy with TweenLite/Max's sequencing tool, "TweenGroup". For example, this tweens 5 MovieClips from 100 pixels above wherever they are on the stage when you call it, and staggers the timing so that there's 0.1 second between when each one starts animating on...

    TweenGroup.allFrom([mc1, mc2, mc3, mc4, mc5], 1, {y:"-100", stagger:0.1});
    Info at http://www.TweenGroup.com

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