ok, i'm going to be designing a dynamic flash site with an asp.net backend connecting to ms sql server. the asp.net side is fine and dandy and i have no problems creating somewhere to administer my data, my question is what's the best way to get at my sql server data. should i be using xml instead of connecting to sql via a web service. am i right in presuming that the web service can only return basic data like strings or can it bring in more complicated stuff like data tables. i'm ok-ish with as 2.0 but i've not used as 3.0. any opinions on which way i should go? any easy tutorials anyone can point me at? the site is for a band so i'll be getting things like blog entries, tables of tour dates, etc so i'll be importing a fair sized chunk of data, so would it be quicker to import it from xml? all ideas and opinions welcome