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Thread: Webcam software

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    Webcam software


    first of all appologies if this isn't the correct forum to post this request in, glancing down the list and I couldn't see anything suitable

    can anyone recommed some webcam s/ware for me. My only requirements are it should be free and it needs to take a capture from my webcam every minute (or user definable period) and save it to a specified folder on my machine so I can set up a webpage with the shot.

    I've looked on download.com but theres so many and most are to purchase and do a tonne of other things i don't want or need.

    Oh if it runs as a service/in the taskbar then all the better


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    Didn't your web-cam come with software that does all that (obviously not as you wouldn't be asking here) - it's just I thought that was fairly standard with most web-cams now. Maybe you could try the website of the people who made your web cam? They might have updated drivers/software for your cam?

    I bought one recently - a cheap creative cam, and it came with the monitoring software. Does everything you'd need.

    Actually - the other option is to install the free version of LogMeIn:


    And then just have your web-cam turned on whenever you go away. Then you can remote onto your machine and view whatever your web-cam is showing.

    That's what I did after I set my webcam up to email me every time it detected movement and it got caught in a loop of focusing in and out and had emailed me every second for 3 days...

    Hope that helps.

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