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Thread: Problems with my own scroll of textfield

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    Problems with my own scroll of textfield


    I try to create a very simple flash page (.fla attached). Empty part is supposed to be a text field, created by action script. On some subpages there is too much text and I tried to do my own scroll (scroll bar included with flash is ugly).
    I placed 2 arrows and added some code. On first frame it works OK. The same thing copied to 7th frame doesn't work. Can anyone view my .fla and tell me what I'm doing wrong ?

    Thanks a lot

    Artur / Poland
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    Frame 1:
    sample_txt.autoSize = false;
    Frame 7:
    sample_txt1.autoSize = true;
    autoSize will fit textbox into text length as you may have noticed. having it "true" will render any scrolling pretty much useless.

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    anyways if that worked/didn't work you should tell the person who tried to help so that they don't have to worry about being wrong!!!
    by the way had a look and it was missing alot of text files, how many do you need? i didn't understand whatever language it was in.

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