Greetings from Brazil.

I'm facing a bug extremely annoying regarding the position of my panels on the screen. I'm currently using Windows 2000 Pro and Flash 5 across two monitors (matrox g400). What I usually do is to set the Flash stage on the primary display and all the palletes on the second monitor. It works pretty fine on win98, but since my upgrade to 2000 this has been quite a hassle.

I can organize the panels on the second monitor just fine and then save the layout. If I recall the position of the palletes they come all in the same coordinate on the primary display... it just doesn't work.

My drives for the Matrox G400 videocard are the latest and I've looked around in their forum but there's nothing on the subject. There's no update on macromedia's web site available.

I'd really appreciate a reply on this one!

Thanks in advance!

Happy new year.