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Thread: [CS3] Very simple question

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    [CS3] Very simple question

    I was curious how I would duplicate the music player on this website http://www.brianhallphotographers.com/ Basically I want a flash website with an auto start music player with a drop down list of songs along with a start stop and pause button. I should be able to make that but the problem is how do I get it so that when the user clicks on a link to go to a different page/scene whatever you want to call it how do I make it so that it does not refresh and start over.

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    If I read your question correctly, it seems that you want to refresh the content without refreshing the entire page (ie. so your music doesn't reset whenever you navigate to new content).

    In this case the page content for each page should be in separate swf files. The music player should be in a holder page. You load the holder page once, then load your content into a holder on the holder page.
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