Hi, there!

I'm obviously new to Flash. I have CS3 in a Mac.
I'm working on my thesis and trying to develop a monopoly game for training purpose: basically a board with a numbered path and a needle which will be span by the player. The needle can stop at numbers one to five and there will be a little person (or even just a circle), which will move the correspondent number of spots in the path.
Every time it moves to its determined destination, it should open a screen with 2 pictures, a text and a multiple choice section. The player has to look at the 2 pictures, read the text and answer the question by checking the radio button in the multiple choice. If the player checks the wrong answer, it should appear a message telling the player it is the wrong answer and to try again. Once the correct radio button is checked, the screen closes and the player can play it again.
There is a preset number of screens to go. If the player finishes the path before, it has to start over from the beginning... or maybe even a circular path. However, every time the player answers correctly for the first time, a counter with a coin, increases, showing the person won a dollar.
When all the questions are over, the game ends.

So, now the question is: how do I start? LOL
Okay, I don't want anybody to develop the game for me, of course, but I just would like to understand the right way to develop this game in a very simple way.

Thank you very much!