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Thread: Tilebased and 3D

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    Tilebased and 3D

    I spend some time yesterday midnight, to play with this idea (tilebased + 3D). Here's what I get so far.

    the collision detection with wall is done on the 2d tile map. not sure whether if this is a good method for this case.


    For 3d, I use sandy3d

    some tilebased tutorial I use

    maybe this 3d bomberman game is possible.

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    nice demo,- there are some depth sorting issues but those could be fixed by placing the faces yourself instead of using boxes (each with 6 sides).
    Perhaps using sprites for the characters (with billboards) instead of triangulated models might speed up the performance.

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    The performance is a bit sluggish, as render said.

    I think that your biggest gain would be to write your own simple 3d engine, using render's example or other's.
    Also, doing depth sorting on the 2d tile map would also be better. Simply draw a line (with the resolution of the tile map) from the 2d camera position to the block(s) the character is in (at most 4), using Bresenham's algorithm, and then just check each block it the lines pass through, and add those blocks to an array. Only those blocks need to be at a higher depth than the character.

    And using the 2d tile map will be the fastest and best way to do collision detection.

    And again as render said, combine a lot of those cubes into one, big polygon. It'll take away those tile sides that are incorrectly sorted...


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    It shouldn't be too hard to create an algorythm that can figure out what the minimal of faces needed are. It's a bit of extra work, but it'll save a lot when you really want to churn out levels.

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    I love the look and feel of this! I would like to implement the same concept in that quake-a-like engine, and get the proper z-sort in place for the static geometry. I don't wanna jack your idea too bad but I think it's pretty cool. (imitation is the highest form of flattery!) As an upshot there will be some free shadowing effects.

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    CRT Boy mclelun's Avatar
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    renderhjs, TOdorus
    Yup, I guess I need to do some changes to check which faces is needed. Some of them is just overlapping or would not be seen at all.

    I wish I could do a simple 3d engine. But I think I am still a programming noob even so many years using it . But I will try.

    Thanks! It is not really "my idea". The "3d bomberman" game had use this method i guess. But using it for a quake-a-like game, is a nice idea as well.

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    fantastic camera implementation and the main character looks great- i feel drawn in with that demo alone- the game should do well with the right guidance.
    Sort your programming out. Looks to me like you're using some kind of hitTesting with 3D instead of 2D- if not your collision detection algorithm isn't doing its job correctly. try coding it so it col.detects against the tiles in 2d space only, ignoring the 3D element.

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