I have a lot of galleries to create in Flash for a dvd. so much that it is far too heavy to handle these in importing all the pictures into Flash. I have to load this pictures from external folders.

Is there any easy way to change my .fla where I put my 18 first galleries in importing the pictures, which have an effect (alpha and blur) on them when they appear. how can I load this external files instead of importing them?

I found this :

onLoad = function () { infoField._visible = true;
startLoading("images/01.jpg"); };
function startLoading(whichImage) {
loadMovie(whichImage, "imageLoader");
_root.onEnterFrame = function() {
infoLoaded = imageLoader.getBytesLoaded();
infoTotal = imageLoader.getBytesTotal();
percentage = Math.floor(infoLoaded/infoTotal*100);
infoField.text = percentage+"%";
if (percentage>=100) {
delete this.onEnterFrame;
infoField._visible = false;

which works fine, but
- as soon as this is not in the first level of my .fla, it is not working anymore, I tried different path to access to the picts in the external folder, but I missed something about the way to access external files...
- I only want to replace the link to my imported pictures by a link to external folders, I need to keep all the work I did on this pictures to make them displaying as I need to.

tell me it is possible and it is simple...
thank you so much for your help.