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Thread: The Product

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    The Product

    It has been a while since I have seen a product such as this, that is sooo good but slowly going down the tubes because of lack of interest.

    Atari had a good product also, the ST. But, primarily due to not willing to advertise, the sales did not produce and Atari got out of the home computing market.

    What's my point? Well, here is a GREAT product. There are many flash making products out there. But, not like this one with such strong abilities. The price is great for what you get.

    I see this great product, like the Atari ST, going down the tubes and being abandoned. Primarily, the reason for this is due to several reasons that could easily be fixed and provide great sales.

    1. An online manual is needed. The main reason people don't use it is because they can't figure it out.
    2. Update the user interface. If it looks like an older product of a different time, then the impression is that it is outdated.
    3. Get the word out to the press (ZDnet, Cnet,...) Readers will take a second (or first) look at the new changes to the product.
    4. Last, give the current users hope. Keep them going on the product by giving updates that are realistic. Goals that are made are presented so that we can see about when the new changes will be released.

    I know that last two items have already been done before. But, inorder for those to be effective, the first two need to be in place.

    Ok, it sounds like I should be a sales person for 3DFA. I really like the product and see a huge potential for it. It does seem to be coming along well, but I see it also dropping out when it is at the point of really being able to make an impact. During tough times, like these, every product will see a slow down in sales. But, with the current price and a few minor changes mentioned, it could do very well in the near future as the economy starts to make a recovery.

    Kusco... are you there?
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