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Thread: need help sorting out pop-up windows

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    need help sorting out pop-up windows

    I have been deveolping my new site, which is in it's early stages and have most things working ok but i need to open new windows from buttons in the main swf file. please check out my link to see for yourself! new windows load in the same window ad the main swf.


    I have been using this code on the thumbs on my design and illustration sections

    on (release) {
    getURL("javascript:NewWindow=window.open('url.html ','newWin','width=1133,height=425,left=425,top=113 3,screenX=1133,screenY=425');NewWindow.focus();voi d(0);");

    each of the thumb windows being a different specified size. Help please!!!!

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    Try this :

    paste the following code for your flash button:
    on (release) {
    getURL("javascript:NewWindow('url.html','newWin',' width=1133,height=425')");

    paste the following code between the head tags:
    <script language="JavaScript">
    function NewWindow(URLtoOpen, windowName, windowFeatures) { newWindow=window.open(URLtoOpen, windowName, windowFeatures); }
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