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Thread: [Pics] Post your project!

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    Please, Call Me Bob trogdor458's Avatar
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    Nice nice nice o-o
    I must say you all are making a person like me very envious

    PhobiK is messing around with time element eh?
    I'll have to keep tabs on when you release that then, as time manipulation is one of my favorite game concepts.

    Need to stop being lazy/raiding my fridge and get to work

    Ps - Squize, check your actual mail, I'm not sure any of my PMs are getting through (if they did you got about half a dozen now)

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    @fil_razorback: you gain "paralyze points" by destroying enemies. Then you can stop time by pressing spacebar, so you're able to move enemies, bullets and missiles with the mouse to place them where you want. Then you return time to normal.

    @ImprisonedPride: it is generated, drawing a star into a bitmap a lot of times and then applying some blur filters.

    @trogdor458: hope you like it then when its finished
    This is MC. His _parents sent him to stop() by the super market to buy some _root beer if he wanted to gotoAndPlay() with his friends at the park later.

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    Everyone’s stuff looks awesome!

    Don't have much time to comment on everything at the moment, but Captain, your screenie brought back memories of a concept I had about 3 years ago involving rain and a bus stop, quite a coincidence . Looks nice.

    And PhobiK's time stopping game plays really well. One of the coolest twists to a shooter I've played .

    I'm currently not working on anything . Well I am, but i only just finished the planning yesterday so nothing to show yet. I'm also experimenting with unity.


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