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Thread: Sounds compressed in Browser only?

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    Sounds compressed in Browser only?

    I am working on this design concept where the main part of the page is Flash - and it has three buttons (Tree, Lawn and Landscape) that I've added sound to the buttons' "over" keyframe. Problem is - when I export the movie and preview in a browser, the sound is super compressed, even though I've set the compression on the sounds to be MP3 at 56kbps in both the Library and Publish settings (the original sounds were high quality WAV files). When I test the sounds at 56kbps in Flash or if I preview the exported movie, the sounds are good. But as soon as I look at it in a browser, the sounds are super compressed. This is really strange, I've never seen it before. Any ideas?

    You can see the version that sounds overcompressed here:
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