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Thread: Flash Map - rollover lights up locations

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    Flash Map - rollover lights up locations

    Alright, I'm not really a Flash newbie, but it's been so long I might as well be! I'm very rusty... veeeeery rusty!
    Ok, so I have a map, which dots for locations, and a list on the right of place names. I want to rollover, say, Paris and the dot over central/northern France glows (expands, flashes, something... I know that would be in the movie over France).
    So my question is, if the buttons on the right are the parts that mouseover (and will change colour, like good web links should) how do I get the dots on the map to change when the name is rolled over?


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    by making an mc in the "over" frame of a button?
    or maybe make a mc as a button so on rollover you can animate directly?

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    A added an entry to my blog yesterday that will serve you well.
    It's about playing frames in reverse but since you looking to animate an mc from a button trigger it will serve the same function.
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