I have an Actionscript 2 project in Flash CS4 that I wish to create a hybrid CD ROM from. Previously in Flash 8 I have published as an .exe & an .hqx. These have worked fine on both respective sides (my PC using XP professional & my Mac running OS X 10.3.9)

With Flash CS4 the Mac projectors are now packaged as an .app and when trying to open this on my Mac absolutely nothing happens. The red Flash icon bounces for a couple of seconds but it then disappears without loading the projector.

I think it may be being packaged in the .app with Flash Player 10 which I know my old 10.3.9 mac wont support. How can I package this with an earlier Flash player that will work? It doesn't need to be played in Flash Player 10, it could quite happily run with 8. What I mean is, there is nothing in the Flash file that requires the use of Flash Player 10. Anyone know if this is this possible? Or are all my users that might have a Mac running 10.3.9 or lower going to be unable to use my product?

Thanks in advance.