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Thread: Putting a button (RollOut) over buttons

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    Question Putting a button (RollOut) over buttons

    I have a simple graphic in Scene One which when you mouse over it, it changes to Scene Two where there are several round buttons that people can navigate with.

    What I want is that when the mouse is dragged away from the stage where the buttons are in Scene Two, you are taken back to Scene one. I can't seem to work this out. I only to want to go back to Scene One when the mouse is completely out of the SWF.

    I made another button and made a square hit point that covers the stage and put that on the level above the other round button levels but this then doesn't allow you to activate and click the buttons underneath the square button.

    I just want a rollOut when the mouse comes completely off the SWF back to Scene One. Am I missing something?


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    Unless you're using as3 there's no perfect method to know when a user has moused away from the swf... even if you got your big rectangular button to work on top of your other buttons it's easy to break it. If you pull your mouse away fast the rollOut function won't catch it in time. In my experience it's a very messy and unpredictable thing to try and accomplish. (as3 has a function to do this, but I've yet to start as3)
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    Rats , I'll look into AS3, thanks!

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