Im having trouble with my video game project for my action script 3 class at school. Here is what i did, i made a game called Tailgate toss up. I filmed my character and rendered it in Adobe Premiere. I than brought my .mov file into After Effects and I put event-based cue points-When I have no audio it works perfectly, no problems. When I bring audio in i re-render it as a .mov file and bring it back into After Effects and add the cue points to it. Than i re-render it out again as a flv file. When i bring it into my flash project it will work when the looping variable does just one loop and my target will appear so you can click on it or not. But when the looping variable makes it loop 2 to 10 times it skips over the catching (the part of the clip if you clip the button) and goes directly to the dropping of the can, not giving you the option of clicking the button. So basically it skips the "draw" or second cue point of my game and goes to "You Lose" cue point.*

Any suggestions would be awesome, this is killing me!

Here are my cue points--

my first cue point at 0:00:03:13 called "loop"
my second cue point at 00:00:03:27 called "draw"
my third cue point at 00:00:05:24 called "bang"
my fourth cue point at 00:00:13:29 called "dead"
my fifth cue point at 00:00:14:29 called "You Lose"
my last cue point at 00:00:19:14 called "End"

Here is my action script 3 code

///first frame:

start_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, startGame);

function startGame(event:MouseEvent){



///second frame:

var loopTime
var hitHim:Boolean = false;

var vConnection:NetConnection = new NetConnection();
var vStream:NetStream = new NetStream(vConnection);

var client:Object = new Object();
client.onCuePoint = onCuePoint;
vStream.client = client;

var myVideo:Video = new Video(418, 480);
myVideo.y = 0; *///this adjusts where the video is, right now it is the size of the canvas which is 418,480

var throw_bottle:Sound

throw_bottle = new Sound(new URLRequest("audio/throw_bottle.mp3")); //change to button noise, will add sound into ae file

target_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, shoot);
target_mc.buttonMode = true;
target_mc.visible = false;
draw_mc.visible = false;

function onCuePoint(cuePoint:Object):void {

** if( == "loop"){
loopTime = cuePoint.time;

** *if( == "draw"){

var randomLoop:Number = Math.random()*10;
if(randomLoop > 2){;

setChildIndex(target_mc, numChildren - 1); **

setChildIndex(draw_mc, numChildren - 1); * **
target_mc.visible = true;
draw_mc.visible = true;

if(cuePoint.time == "5:24"){
draw_mc.visible = false;
target_mc.visible = false;
if(!hitHim){; * **

** *}

if( == "dead"){

if( == "end"){

function shoot(event:MouseEvent){;
hitHim = true;

///my third and last frame

playAgain_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, playAgain);

function playAgain(event:MouseEvent){