Well I will reveal the mystery about the spinning wheel:

The program takes the opponent deck and randomly finds 5 non pillar cards, the 5 non pillars cards are used for the spinning, so the possible combinations are


the winning combinations are


If all the 5 cards are different, the chance to win with a single spin is:

5/125 = 4%
(that's why I said 5%, it is actually 4, but there is a small chances that 2 or more of the same card will be used)

However, if a deck is specialized, the chances to have more cards of the same kind in the cards pool are higher, if 2 of the five cards are the same the chance to win is:

((2^3)+2) / 125 = 11/125 = 8.8%

etc... so, putting it in a table:

5 different cards = 4% winning chance
4 different cards = 8.8% winning chance
3 different cards = 23.2% winning chance
2 different cards = 52% winning chance
all cards are the same = 100%

That means that from a deck with only one kind of non-pillar card you'll win for sure, BUT....

In the new version I added something else: the program has only 50 chances to find all the 5 non-pillar cards, if it is not successfull at doing that it will start drawing pillars as well. This way, playing against a pillar only deck will give you 3 pillars. Statistic for almost all pillar decks gets quite complicated.