[QUOTE=Bianary;4185547]Just a note Zeta - I feel you can be careful with your pillars if you know you're fighting an earthquake deck, it was just that expecting people to pull earthquakes with single pillars was unrealistic. In your example, you could easily have just dropped 4 and kept 2 in reserve, to get some initial quanta and then have a reserve if you got quaked a couple times.

Ok, even if I did that he would have just Earthquake my last two pillars and would be down to nothing and get screwed. Now let's not forget that I won the toss!!! I first played my 6 Pillars. He played 2 Novas then Earthquaked me. Now I understand that Earthquake has been made more expensive but in later stages when i have 7 Pillars and he has enough Quantums to use 3 Earthquakes. If we look at how many posts we've had on this topic, that alone shows how ridiculous and frustrating this card is.