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Thread: AS2 help -- Disable dragging once movieclip reaches designated area?

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    AS2 help -- Disable dragging once movieclip reaches designated area?

    Hi everyone!

    I'm using Flash 8, AS2. To simplify things, I made an .fla using basic shapes, and have it attached here.

    I have a black circle, that has a purple circle in it. I want to drag and drop the green circle onto the black circle, and have the purple circle immediately be sent to the yellow box.

    My question is:

    Once one of the colored circles is in the black circle, how can I disable the dragging of that circle? Make it immovable until the other colored circle takes its place?

    Here's the actionscript I have already, which addresses everything EXCEPT disabling the mobility:

    PHP Code:

    dragging true;

    on (release,releaseOutside) {
    dragging false;

    this._x 30 && this._x 70 && this._y 30 && this._y 70)

    _parent.pbutton._x == 58.0 && _parent.pbutton._y == 54)
    And I have the same for if I want the purple to take the place of the green.

    Please forgive any clunky script, and thank you so much for your time!
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