Hi all,

I have searched a lot for this here and other places and not found a straight forward answer. I dont know why because i am guessing a lot of people would like to use this or maybe i just havent found the obvious! :-).

Im looking to have a combobox dropdown with the name of an operating system along side its logo ie
Image -> Red Hat 5

This is my code so far

var the_test_image = getAndLoadAnImage('server_1.gif');//Loads a test image into the test_image object

var control_box = new ComboBox();
control_box.dropdownWidth = 210; 
control_box.setSize(130, 22);
control_box.move(gs_objects_x_value, gs_operating_system_y_value); 
var current_saved_value = String(netmap.getAttribute(server_name,'operating_system'));
for(var i:int = 0;i <operating_systems_value_array.length;i++)
    control_box.addItem( { label: operating_systems_value_array[i], data:i } );