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Thread: loadMovie - layer underneath still active!!!

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    loadMovie - layer underneath still active!!!


    I have a timeline with several buttons on it - some if these are created at runtime, and some by putting buttons on the page on frame 1

    I then have an emptyMC into which I loadMovie a swf that COVERS the whole stage.

    This all works fine - you can't see anything of the underlying material. However, as you "mouse around" it seems that the buttons that are covered are still active - pointer becomes a hand etc. I can disable the buttons using enabled=false. This is quite invloved, and I would have thought that these buttons wouldn't be active - surely they are covered!!!

    How is the possible, and is there a neater way to stop these buttons being active.



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    You can make the loaded a large button to cover the stage and set handcursor to false. That will kill all buttons underneath it. then just put your new buttons on top. Using enabled is the better way though.


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    IMS mentioned it, disable those buttons.
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