Join the NG Smiley Collab today

Have you ever noticed the message mood smiley that appear when your writing a PM on newgrounds?
Of course you have! or if you haven't I have attached a JPEG to clear thing a up for ya :S

Basically I need animators to animate shorts to go with the theme of each smiley.
Eg: the crying face animation a would have something sad happening, the surprised face something surprising and so on.

The animations need be of reasonable quality and should be preferably funny.
The animations should be at least 10 seconds long but shouldn't drag on for to long either.
Stage size: Default (550x400)
Frame rate:24fps
No nudity and low level course language only.
There is no final entry date as I need all the parts to be filled
Stage color: white
NOTES: Violence is aloud, so is swearing (but don't go crazy or be to harsh) and please try to make you piece as good as possible.
I have Flash CS4, so there no need to save you projects in lower formats and most of you will be co-authored.
Please name all of your symbols! and please PM me if you wish to do something a bit out side of the criteria.

If you interested in joining from within or outside of NG let me know via the NG BBS (forum) thread linked below.
Or via this thread here.