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Thread: De MonsterDebugger - Open Source Flash, Flex and AIR debugger

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    De MonsterDebugger - Open Source Flash, Flex and AIR debugger

    Just want to share with FK game community with this absolutely amazing tool to debug your SWF files.

    The main link: De MonsterDebugger

    A link to the streaming video where Lee Brimelow shows how to use it.

    And here is a list of features:
    - Tree structure, lets you walk through your entire application on code-level
    - Live editing, means you can edit properties and instantly see the effects in your application
    - Detailed traces, lets you trace Strings, Numbers, XML, Arrays, Objects with great detail
    - Method testing, is very easy as you can run most methods and catch the results instantly
    - Open source, is the way De Monsters are releasing this application, you can use it for free
    - and more...

    Hope it will help everyone to make games better.

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    Thanks for the link it looks like an impressive piece of work. I would love to know how they can achieve such a thing with AIR.

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