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Thread: [RESOLVED] Centering Full Window Flash with minimal width.

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Centering Full Window Flash with minimal width.

    Hello, my problem first started on this thread:


    I got my full browser Flash working except small annoyances that I don't know how to get rid of.

    First, on my site, I have a minimum width size of 1240 pixel. So with the HTML flash output, I created a style of the body and html to be min-width: 1240;

    So when I make preview of the HTML in Firefox, it work just fine, I get a scroll bar when the window is lower than 1240px. When I put the swf and HTML on online server, I get the same result, BUT, if my window when I load the Flash is greater than 1240px, like 1300px, if I reduce the window width, the horizontal bar appear even if it haven't reached 1240px.

    The other annoyance, it's the minimal width doesn't work in IE no matter which version is (using IE8). When I reduce the window, the critical content on the center get slipped inside the window:

    I'm still looking for a solution.

    You can see it working online to check out the problems:




    The first problem was related to AdBlock add-on.

    The IE problem I fixed it by creating a small Javascript code.
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