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Thread: 3D flash game

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    3D flash game

    Hi I'm trying to make a 3D flash game in cs4 but this is my first time in making a 3D game in flash so I'm looking for pointers on how to go about it. Does the Z axis work well with coding? Are there any differences of note in making a 3D flash game compared to 2D (apart from the perspective)?


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    3D games in flash is tricky and takes a lot more intuition and creativity to save on processing power.

    I suggest getting a good flash 3D engine and use theirs for making games. It'll simplify creation drastically and let you focus on the mechanics of the game more than the rendering methods.

    Making a 3D render engine in flash is tricky and can take a lot of time unless you have a lot of experience in the area. So, download a good engine and then it's not too complicated. You can still use concepts like cell based games etc in 3D and then you gain great access to being able to get angles of faces and many other useful bits of data by just using vectors in the 3D world which can be used for great functionality in the mechanics of your game.

    So 3D games take some more math know-how than 2D, but you get a huge variety of stuff you can do with it.

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