First time posting, sorry for any mistakes o_O;;

I need help with the following problem. Basically, I have created this animation and.... it doesn't seem to work properly online.
Here's the animation where you could view online:

My main problem is that I do not understand why that the music & animation don't sync properly online or in a browser. When I have the file offline (played via flash player), it works the way I want it to. When it's online on the internet, it doesn't work. Why?
Here's the file, for download (swf) to demonstrate what I meant (If the link is dead before I had my solution, let me know):
The main music starts when the palm tree and hawaii shirt appears. The main music ends right after the boss shows up.

I had feedback for this. There are some that said there was nothing wrong with viewing it online or in a browser. However, some told me they had the same problem like I did and that the music finished before the animation is done or the animation appears to be faster than the music. Why is this happening, why the contrast?

Does it have something to do with the way I've exported it? (Or modifying it with different versions?)

I also don't get why the the results of the "Test Movie" function and the "Export Movie" functions are different.

Someone tell me that if the original file you've downloaded is exactly the same as the one on deviantart (online browser) or not?

Also, the scene where I first portrayed the office; the desks in the background seemed to be shaking quite a lot. Why? Is it because I had too many layers on it or something?

Sorry for asking stupid questions but I got quite frustrated with this, not getting why it doesn't sync properly in a browser ;_;

Help is appreciated, many thanks.