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Thread: AS2 Issue

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    AS2 Issue

    Hello Flashers! Well, straight to it then...

    I have been working on my new site for the better part of the day and still have not been able figure out how to get the darn thing to work. Here's the issue...

    I have an "Enter" button on my first frame...it is inside a movie clip that's housing my intro animation. It has eases...(I'm not sure if that's relevant though, just trying to be thourough.) The "Enter" button itself needs to run through its' animation then the action needs to proceed with my "NavBar" (Self explanitory I believe) and have it go through its' animation.

    My current code is thus...
    CODEon (release) {_parent.play();


    And it allows for my "NavBar" to run its' course but skips my "Enter" animation altogether.
    Any foresight into my error will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanced. I've attached some screens, hopefully they'll increase the understanding of my problem.

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    Can you post what the error is.
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    try the following

    PHP Code:


    PHP Code:
    enter.onRelease = function(){

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