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Thread: Burning Paper effect

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    Burning Paper effect

    Hi, does anyone know how to do a burning paper effect? I want it to be almost like a photo slideshow burning first layer paper to show the second image. Here is a link to Flash-Filter.net doing just that. http://www.flash-filter.net/burning-paper-effect.phtml can this be done without the filter?


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    i think its a little of a complex effect to achieve in flash itself.
    But coming from a NLE background i would like to say there is one method u could try.
    Take 1 jpeg or image of the orginal background. The paper. Then load it in photoshop and try to make it displaced crumpled and much darker. Thus youd get a new charred looking plate. Now youd have 2 exact similar sized images but one is charred. Put the charred image under the proper image aand then use some animated masking with a soft edge to slowly crawl out like a blot of ink on absorbent paper. This might get you where you wanna go. You could go steps further and add some layers of smoke etc but its difficult to explain the whole process. I think ull get what i mean from this description.

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