I have a system that utilizes Flash MX 2004, VB.net web services, and classic ASP. I have used the WebServicesConnector wizard to consume the web services in numerous .fla forms. The WebServicesConnector wizard only allows configuring HTTP services.

Now I want to move this system to a secure server with least modifications.

Steps taken:
1-Installed 'Macromedia Flash Remoting MX for Microsoft' on the server.
2-Sample remoting programs work on the server.
2-Modified all vb.net web services to HTTPS protocol and they work fine when envoked by URL.

The application is not working because the web services within .fla forms are configured with HTTP.

To take advantage of the parameter passing and Binding I want to use the Remoting Connector component (GUI object) to map/consume HTTPS services(instead of WebServicesConnector wizard consuming HTTP).

1) Can this be done in Flash MX 2004 or I have to get CS4?

2) Old WebServicesConnector configuration for sample service:
WSDLURL = HTTPS://Localhost/wsPartMaster/PartMaster.asmx?wsdl
operation = GetPartMasterArray

What would be the paramentrs for RemotingConnector component (please see RemotingConnector.GIF)
GatewayUrl = ?

Your comments are greatly appreciated.