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Thread: Saving Images from Library (to PC)

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    Question Saving Images from Library (to PC)

    Hi guys,

    I've been googling for minutes now and I can't seem to find a way this can be done properly...

    I have 60 images in a library within a .fla file that I want to save to my PC. (I lost the originals). Flash won't let me drag-and-drop them or anything remotely sensible like that.

    Suggestions posted around t'Internet talk about putting each one on the stage and going through "file-export". Besides from being very tedious, this might not be so great - the images constitute an animation and need to be precisely aligned.

    Incidentally, the library does have a movieclip of 60 frames - each containing a single image.

    If all else fails, is there some tool which will extract these images out of the compiled swf?

    I'm now using Flash CS4 cos this somehow got saved as a CS3 .fla (and I'm used to Flash 8!)


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