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Thread: Resize, crop and rotate image

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    Arrow Resize, crop and rotate image

    I'm doing a mini app in AS2 where the user can upload an image into Flash and be able to crop, scale, and rotate and image, and after they're done, save the edited image to the server.

    How would I do this?

    I know I have to load an image into the BitmapData, after that I'm lost.

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    This is actually a very complex question. Have you thought about how you might accomplish this task? For instance:

    How would you createa a movieclip on stage that tracked both the top left corner (x, y) and the length/width of the desired capture area?

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    How about implementing an image rotating plugin within the flash creating application so that you can rotate the image to any angle within 360 degress? I have integrated an image rotator within my document processing library, not complex.

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    Already mastering AS3. It was so fun. Now into Javascript and PHP and all its libraries

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    It looks like there's a function for this in AS3. When I look for AS2 code, it gets funky so it's probably a pain in AS2.


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    The BitmapData can be attached to a movie clip then use the _xscale _yscale on the mc.
    To crop use copyPixels on the BitmapData.
    To rotate use _rotation on the mc or attach a flash.geom.Matrix() on the mc and use rotate() on the matrix.

    The AS2 offline reference is here, at point 1:

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    I wonder whether I can resize images with the help of some 3rd party toolkits?

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