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Thread: My SWF Doesn't play on Macs?

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    Question My SWF Doesn't play on Macs?


    My SWF plays ok for my PC (Firefox Flash PLayer 10.0.2) but not on two other machines (which happen to be Macs - one of which was using Firefox with player 10.0.12).


    It's a kind-of iPod shape with a map in the display which should enlarge on mouse-over and move around in the space.

    Can you report whether it works for you and can anyone suggest what's going wrong?

    AS 3.0

    On stage there is _map and _mask. This code is in the first frame (on root) then it loops over the last three frames with no further code:
    // initialise map
    _map.originalX = _mask.x - ( 0.5 * ( (_map.width  - _mask.width ) ) );
    _map.originalY = _mask.y - ( 0.5 * ( (_map.height - _mask.height) ) );
    // map enter frame
    function moveMap(evt:Event):void {
      //trace("mouseX = " + _map.mouseX);
      //trace("mouseY = " + _map.mouseY);
    	_map.scaleX = ((evt.target.scaleTargetX + _map.scaleX) / 2) ;
    	_map.scaleY = ((evt.target.scaleTargetY + _map.scaleY) / 2) ;
    	_map.x = ((evt.target.targetX + _map.x) / 2) ;
    	_map.y = ((evt.target.targetY + _map.y) / 2) ;
    // mouse events
    function overMap(evt:Event):void {
    function updateMapTargets(evt:Event):void {	
    	evt.target.targetX =_mask.x - ( (_mask.mouseX ) / (_mask.width) ) * ( (_map.width - _mask.width) );
    	evt.target.targetY  =_mask.y - ( (_mask.mouseY ) / (_mask.height) ) * ( (_map.height - _mask.height) );
    function outMap(evt:MouseEvent):void {
    	_map.targetX = _map.originalX;
    	_map.targetY = _map.originalY;

    Thanks for any help you can be!


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    It doesn't work for me, and I'm using Firefox 3.0.10 and WIN 10,0,12,36 debugger version.

    I saw a grey square. When I went away from the site, I got a glimpse of a street map, it seems. But not while there.

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    I'm guessing this has something to do with paths and remote vs local access, not a mac specific issue.

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    It didn't work for me. I'm using firefox on Mac...
    At first, it didn't work and just flashed the map then went away, then I tried again, refreshed it, and shook my mouse over the spot where the map was, and then the map loaded and worked fine without going away. Tried it again, waved my mouse over the spot where the map is when it was loading, then it worked fine for me again. If I didn't have the mouse over it, it disappeared. I think it's a path issue.

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    doesnt work for me and i'm on pc using firefox...got a glimpse of the map
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    Seems to work for me. I have the newest version of Firefox (3.5.x) and Flash Player. I'm using Windows XP Pro. on an old Dell Optiplex GX270. That's not 64bit, in case you're wondering. Haha.

    I had a similar problem with a game project after I added a lot to it, the employer claimed it wasn't working after I added a bunch of high res images into a movieclip. I didn't change much of the code, either. It's just some weird oddity I had to find a workaround for. Now, I use listener management classes for all my event listeners past the loading area. It makes it easier to manage big projects and garbage collection. Yes, you actually have to perform garbage collection yourself in some cases. Suffice to say, my projects always work for me, especially in the test environment ("Test Movie" and "Debug Movie"), so I have no idea why my projects would hang on other systems. It's just weird... and only ever happened once.

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