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Thread: AS2 Problem with preloader

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    AS2 Problem with preloader

    Hi all,
    Im not new to flash, and I have made many simple preloaders, but mostly those were loading media after that, a movie, a mp3 file or huge image, something I did for learning that field better. But now I have a game in mind, and I cant get the preloader to work the way they use to.

    My scenario is like this, I have 2 layers, the actions layers has in first frame

    in second frame of actions layer I have the game itself. In the other layer, in the first frame there is just a graphic thats displays "loading" (without bars or %) and in the next frame there are the graphics for the game. The thing is the way I use to do that its not working, and I have tried many methods for that without any success, maybe Im doing something bad or maybe I need to add a stop here or there, I dont know, I have tried several options, and read several tutorials on the subject but still no luck. So Im open to any ideas or suggestions

    Many thanks for your time

    Edit: I have noticed that while my game is all in the 1st and only frame of every layer it works fine, but moving everything to the 2nd of each layer makes that not work at any point, even adding just a blank frame as 1st frame of each layer and placing a stop on 2nd frame's onEnterFrame
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