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Thread: Preloader screen not showing on browser

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    Preloader screen not showing on browser

    Hi. I designed a website for a company recently, and had a preloader screen for it. Now that its uploaded, when I visit the website, the browser downloads all the data first before displaying it, alright. But the preloader screen doesnt appear. What could be the problem?
    When I simulate download in the swf, it shows the preloader screen properly. Any suggestions?

    The AS on the 1st frame is something like this:

    bytes_loaded = Math.round(this.getBytesLoaded());
    bytes_total = Math.round(this.getBytesTotal());
    getPercent = bytes_loaded/bytes_total;
    this.loadBar._width = getPercent*100;
    this.loadText = Math.round(getPercent*100)+"%";
    if (bytes_loaded == bytes_total) {

    and the 2nd frame simply has a GotoAndPlay(1); command
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    Are you opening the swf directly in the browser window (or directly in a popup window or an iframe)? That causes the getbytesloaded() to not work properly. The solution is simply to create a html page and embed the swf instead.

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    I opened it directly through the browser. The guy who leased out the domain space did the uploading. Could it be something at his end? Some specific instructions I need to give him? Could he have added an external html loader of sorts for the page? So that by the time it comes to the preloader screen, the swf is already loaded, and hence that screen must be going off in a second... Is that a possibility?

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