Was the topic of integrating the arena into a social networking website already discussed? Everyone is taking advantage of this nowadays, grandmothers and commercial business alike. It just seems to be the direction our culture is moving towards, and rightly so, as the systems of communication are evolving rapidly and we are naturally a very social species. So these websites like Facebook or Twitter may be a great avenue to venture into.

On another note, I think bringing life into the arena is simple. It starts with you. If you want there to be more activity then get involved and start a thread. I know we're all very creative here and if you have an idea you think would gather attention then go for it. Even if you're not entirely sure it will attract a lot of people, you never know.

Also, just tell your friends about it. All it might take is a buddy of yours creating a Flashkit account and having a little one on one battle or whatever with each other to get people to see that the Arena still has great potential. I can't speak much for myself, as I think someone else has put it while reading through other posts regarding this topic, because I myself have taken on a whole life of responsibilities since I first joined when I was still in school. I just don't have the time I used to but I am certainly trying whenever the opportunity presents itself.

That's all I got for now.