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Thread: Flex .swf into Flash .Fla

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    Flex .swf into Flash .Fla


    We have created a contact form in Flex 3 that emails the content and also sends it to a database using PHP.

    I would now like to embed this in a Flash website.

    Any suggestions for nesting this swf?

    I have tried importing it to the library. It appears as a movie clip but when I drag it onto the stage there doesn't appear to be anything there. The movie clip has no w/h dimensions and Flash will not allow me to input any.

    The site is programmed in AS3 (CS3) so I don't think it's a timeline problem.


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    The flex framework lives outside of flash so you won't be able to really do anything with it inside the Flash IDE...your best bet is just importing the second swf at runtime with a loader.

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