Okay, so I have a loader component on stage called 'roomHolder' that l'm using to load in an external swf.

// room loader 
var loaderObj:Object = new Object();
loaderObj.complete = function(eventObj:Object){
	// shortcut to the room mc loaded into this movie
	theRoom = roomHolder.roomLoader.contentHolder.tp;
	loading_mc._visible = false;
	btnBreaker._visible = false;
	delete pctLoaded;
// show the loading bar
loaderObj.progress = function(eventObj:Object){
	// the loading bar is in the loading_mc movieclip 
	// it's name is loadBar and it's full width is 200px
	// check the downloaded percentage
	pctLoaded = Math.round(eventObj.target.bytesLoaded / eventObj.target.bytesTotal*100);
	// set the width of the loading bar
	loading_mc.loadBar._width = pctLoaded*2;
roomHolder.roomLoader.addEventListener("progress", loaderObj);
roomHolder.roomLoader.addEventListener("complete", loaderObj);

// loader movie temporary disables buttons
btnBreaker.onPress = function(){
	// do nothing
btnBreaker.useHandCursor = false;
As you can see btnBreaker is visible causing the buttons below it to be 'disabled' until the external swf is completely loaded. So, when the buttons become active on screen, the external swf has been loaded and ready to go. However, what is happening is that it looks like the external swf has loaded okay and then you click a button which triggers the "zoomIn" function
function zoomIn(n:Number){
	trace("zoomIn called with: " + n);
	room_still_mc._visible = false;
the area where the external swf should be goes blank.

HERE'S the kicker though...if you browse to another section of the movie (load a different swf, or even reload the same swf) it works without a problem. That only happens when the file is online. Locally never see the problem.

Any ideas???