I'm trying to use the scroll pane component for the first time, and I've spent most of the day getting nowhere. Based on my experience with other components and with loading content into movie clips, I expected that I would point my scroll pane to its content and be off and running, but that hasn't happened.

Here are the objects:

(1) A scrollpane component on the stage with the instance name "quiltpane".
(2) A movie clip in the library with the symbol name "quilt", the identifier "quilt" and Export for ActionScript and Export in First Frame both checked.
(3) A large number of movie clips inside the movie clip "quilt" (one for each quilt square) that need to be addressed from the main timeline. They have the instance names "square1", "square2", "square3", etc.

I'm loading the movie clip "quilt" into the scrollpane with a single line:

_root["quiltpane"].contentPath = "quilt";

That works fine, but I can't figure out how to talk to the movie clips inside "quilt" once it's been loaded. I've tried:


What am I doing wrong?

Bill Gregg