I have an issue that I can not resolve. I have a flash file that is player 7 as 1.0. I am calling an actionscript function but it is being ingnored in IE6.

basically the code is this"
PHP Code:
the code works fine in IE7, but we have clients with problems in IE6.

I upped the file to Player 8 as 2.0 and used this code

PHP Code:
_level0.loadTopic_txt ExternalInterface.call("loadNonLinearObject('"+arrMenuItems[x][6]+"','"+arrMenuItems[x][7]+"')"); 
the code is run from a button click. Both ways work fine in IE7 and FF but I can not get either to work in IE6. does anybody have any workarounds? the javascript call gets completely ignored and doesn't ever error out. other getURL's work fine in the course, so far, this is the only one that will not work