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Thread: FS command question

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    FS command question

    I am quite a newbie and want to call another program through fscommand

    Flash and the programm I want to call are both running on my hard disk (NOT online)

    I do not really understand what I have to put into:

    1. the line command
    2. the line parameters


    Might be a beginners question, but can somebody help me please?

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    are you forced into using AS2?

    This sounds like an opportunity for you to use flex or AS3 and use AIR as a desktop app.

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    As 2?

    To be honest - I don't know exactly.

    I use Flash MX2004, Flash 6

    and the programm the swf runs from is page-flip.com

    From the page flip, where I tell a story, I want to go back to a certain frame in my game, which is made with adventuremaker.com

    The swf is a part (stored in a directory) of adventuremaker...

    All I need to know is how I either can stop the flash after the last page of the book is read either by a button or a frame action?

    In adventure maker they say I should run the fs command and if I do that, I get Command adn Parameters but don't know what to put in there?

    I am not so familiar with action script

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