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Thread: XML, Scenes and a back Button

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    XML, Scenes and a back Button

    Hi all, bit new to xml use so this may be a simple answer but i have got to that point where i can no longer think of anything new to try.

    I am using an xml driven photo gallery as part of a site, with the index page on one scene and the gallery on another.

    i can get the scenes to go forward and back with the GotoAndPlay function, but when i go back from the gallery the xml images are still visible. Any ideas what im doing wrong or what i have to tell it to ignore. AS script for xml portion is too long to post in message.

    Thanks in advance

    Fallen Angel

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    You can post your .fla file.

    In general, use _visible to hide clips.

    If your images are in a clip called myPicsHolder, this will hide it:

    myPicsHolder._visible = false;

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