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Thread: Free So-think SWF Quicker (7-14-09 only)

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    Free So-think SWF Quicker (7-14-09 only)


    SWF Quicker is the leading Flash SWF Editor. It is the best flash animation editor to edit an existing SWF file or create a professional Flash animation from scratch. It is a powerful yet low cost Flash Animation Software. Best choice for you!

    • Support ActionScript 3.0.
    • Support importing or exporting the movies of Flash CS3 (V9), Flash CS4 (V10).
    • Support applying Flash filters to add special animating visual effects to texts, buttons and movie clips.
    • Support exporting the movie as Animated GIF file and Windows AVI video.
    • Provide Object Snapping, Pixel Snapping and Snap Alignment to align objects.
    • Support creating Shape morph effect (transform one shape to another).
    • Support creating photo morph effect (transform one image to another).
    • Provide various built-in Flash Album, Banner, Navigation Button and Slide Show templates.
    • Provide a group of tools for you to create vector graphics and texts in the way of What You See Is What You Get.
    • Support importing various kinds of media types, such as AI, MP3, MPEG, AVI, MOV, etc.
    • Fully support syntax of Flash ActionScript 2.0 to control the animations.
    • Provide an intelligent ActionScript Editor, which supports Syntax Highlighting, Auto Completion and Dynamic Prompt.
    • Support specifying keyframes to generate Tween Animations automatically.
    • Provide a large number of built-in animated effects.
    • Support importing and editing SWF files and the EXE files compressed from SWF files.
    *if the image doesn't work sorry. had to use url shortener as So-think (minus the -) is filtered out of the posts....
    *and so is tiny-url...

    blast getting harder and harder to even post in these forums...
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    Just wanted to post this here as there are so many people wanting to create games for nothing. Well for today this is a free graphical ide for flash content. I played with it a little and it seems very professional.

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