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Thread: Collision Detection with projection

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    Collision Detection with projection

    I have been working on a platformer, and I tried to implement the collision detection method used in n by metanet. http://www.metanetsoftware.com/technique/tutorialA.html
    If you look at Figure 5, you will see what I am trying to do.

    I project the triangle and box onto 5 different axis which they could possible intersect on. However, the script is slightly off in every direction for some reason. If someone could help me find out what is causing the problem, I would appreciate it.

    .fla: http://www.truploader.com/view/942517

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    have you tried PixelPerfectCollisionTest? it may be a bit slow, but it works for weirdly shaped objects.

    Pixel Perfect Collision Code
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    your .fla won't compile. maybe post some code and a diagram of the problem?

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